Our story...

Rtistic   Pictures is a dynamic movie and film production company that is at the forefront of creating compelling content for audiences around the world. Led by founder Shane Foster, a seasoned cinematographer with a keen eye for lighting and visual storytelling, Rtistic Pictures is poised for success in the entertainment industry. 

Shane Foster's Filmmaking Journey

Shane's love for filmmaking began at a young age when he started making fake commercials and short films with his sister as the main actor, using nothing more than an old VHS video camera. Despite the limited resources, Shane's talent for cinematography and editing shone through, even fooling his parents with his convincing edits getting him in trouble after his parents thought he made his sister fall from a tree. 

As he grew older, Shane's passion for film continued to grow, and he expanded his skills to include music creation. He gained valuable experience as a field camera operator for a TV station, shooting news stories and honing his craft. Shane's journey took an exciting turn when he volunteered on a feature film called "The Visitation," where he learned about lighting and camera settings from the cinematographer. He was immediately hooked and continued to gain more experience through his work in the industry. 

A Tragic Loss and a New Beginning

Shane's life took an unexpected turn when he lost his close friend and business partner, Gary Shackelford, in a tragic car accident. This devastating loss led to a downward spiral for Shane, resulting in personal struggles and eventually stepping away from his own production company. He took on sporadic jobs in the industry but took a hiatus for a while. 

In 2020, Shane joined World Financial Group, a company that provided him with coaching and mindset training. Through therapy, Shane began to process his trauma and overcome his struggles. He realized his deep passion for filmmaking and made the decision to rebuild Rtistic Pictures and return to his true love. 

Invest in the Future of Filmmaking with Rtistic Pictures

By investing in Rtistic Pictures, you have the opportunity to be part of Shane's inspiring journey and contribute to the future of film production. With Shane's extensive experience, unwavering passion, and commitment to excellence, Rtistic Pictures is poised for success in the ever-evolving entertainment industry. 

Join us in unlocking the true potential of filmmaking with Rtistic Pictures. Your investment will not only support the creation of groundbreaking content but also have the potential for rewarding returns as the company grows and establishes itself as a prominent player in the film production landscape. Invest in our vision today and be a part of the next big success story in the entertainment industry!